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    Our concierge spoke at ‘Marunouchi Fan’s NIGHT: Enjoy Marunouchi with Souvenirs Selected by Marunouchi Fans’ hosted by Mitsubishi Estate Co.

    On Friday 10 February, our concierge, Sayo Takagi, took to the stage at the ‘Marunouchi Fan NIGHT’ event hosted by Mitsubishi Estate Co.

    The event was organized based on the concept of listening to the voice of people working in the Marunouchi office area and using them in town planning. Ms. Takagi, who has a wealth of experience as a concierge, spoke about examples of souvenir consultations she has received and gave her own unique recommendations.

    The event proceeded in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and was a wonderful time for all who attended to feel the love for Marunouchi.