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    ‘Well-being seminar’ for female managers at MS&AD Holdings.

    On Friday 21 July, our CEO Magnan spoke at a seminar for MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc.

    The theme of the seminar, which was aimed at 93 female managers, was “To work better for yourself and your team – think about wellbeing”. At MS&AD Holdings, which promotes diversity and inclusion throughout the Group, Magnan spoke about the concept of ‘public-private fusion’ and specific measures to realize well-being in the workplace.

    The participants had a lively exchange of opinions on how to deal with individual members as managers and link them to team results, and what they can do from tomorrow to create an environment where diverse values and human resources can flourish.

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    Lifestyle concierge lecture for HNWs @ Rikkyo University

    On Saturday 1 July, our CEO Magnan gave a lecture on “The new challenge of lifestyle concierge” at a lecture on the high-net-worth market at Rikkyo University.

    The aim of the lecture was to learn about the real estate development projects for HNWs (High Net Worth), which are increasingly attracting attention in Japan, through their management, services and branding methods, contrasting Asia and Japan. Magnan spoke about the methods used to understand the lifestyles of HNWs in Japan and abroad using methods such as deep interviews and design thinking, and to actually implement service design, as well as the future needs of HNWs.

    TPO Inc. will continue to promote consulting and business with a focus on the HNW market by utilizing its experience and knowledge of concierge services for high-net-worth individuals.

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    Celebrating OCA TOKYO’s second anniversary!

    On Saturday 1 July, an art event was held at OCA TOKYO, where TPO Concierge Inc. is stationed, to celebrate the second anniversary of its opening!

    The event featured a talk show and art tour with Mr. Noboru Tsubaki, a contemporary artist who is the art supervisor of OCA TOKYO and a close friend of the company, and artists Ms. Kaoru Usukubo and Mr. Ryo Shinagawa, making it a valuable day to feel more familiar with contemporary art.

    TPO Inc. will continue to promote the value of contemporary art in the future, and as a lifestyle concierge, aims to create a richer time for OCA members.

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    HEC’s entrepreneurial award for 2023

    Representative Magnan has been awarded the Asian regional category of MERCURE HEC, HEC’s entrepreneurial award for 2023. The award has been presented annually since 1999 to entrepreneurs in the HEC community, who are voted the most remarkable entrepreneurs in the world.

    With this award, we will further promote the business of TPO, Inc. and contribute to society. We would like to thank you for your continued support!



    TPO launches ‘Life Concierge’ service in NOMURA WL+ provided by Nomura Real Estate Development Co Ltd to tenant companies

    On 24 May, TPO, Inc. started offering the Life Concierge service on the NOMURA WORK-LIFE PLUS service platform for tenant employees of office buildings of Nomura Real Estate Development Co.

    This is an expansion of the service for tenant employees of Nomura Real Estate’s serviced office H1O (Human First Office), where Your Concierge is currently being introduced.

    TPO supports the enrichment of both work and life for everyone working in Nomura Real Estate office buildings and encourages the realization of well-being.