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    Lecture on ‘Women’s careers and balance’ for female executive candidates in the Mitsubishi Group.

    On Monday 30th January and 27th February, Ms. Mariko Magnan, our CEO spoke as a lecturer at the “Follow-up training for women’s career development promotion workshop” organized by the Mitsubishi Marketing Association which has 31 Mitsubishi Group companies as members.

    This workshop, organized annually, has attracted the interest of many female employees with themes such as rethinking women’s life and work, communication and leadership, and problem-solving.

    Magnan gave a lecture on gender and working styles in the training course last year, and this year she gave a presentation on the theme ‘Creating a society where women can work and play an active role through work-life transformation’, referring to the issues shared by the participants. She spoke about women’s career development, the various challenges associated with it, and her perspectives and approaches to these challenges.

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    Interview support for the new book “How to Create a Networked Organisation” by Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting.

    On 26 January, a book in which Representative Mariko Magnan provided interview assistance was published by Subarusha Corporation.

    The book discusses the theme of “How to build organizations in the new era?” She spoke about this interesting theme from the perspective and experience of TPO, which has been practicing well-being and diversity management itself.  If you are interested, please have a look!

    TPO will continue to help many companies build their own organizations in order to create a society in which everyone can work comfortably.

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    We attended the 17th Japan Facility Management Awards (JFMA Awards)!

    GREE,Inc., where we, TPO Concierges are stationed, was awarded the Encouragement Award “Offices for Employees, Pursuing Wellbeing” for its facility management promotion activities.

    On 16 February, we attended the award ceremony as a service provider to GREE,Inc.

    As the office receptionist and community manager of the café space, we would like to continue to support the employees of GREE, Inc. so that they can play an even more active role in the future.

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    Our concierge spoke at ‘Marunouchi Fan’s NIGHT: Enjoy Marunouchi with Souvenirs Selected by Marunouchi Fans’ hosted by Mitsubishi Estate Co.

    On Friday 10 February, our concierge, Sayo Takagi, took to the stage at the ‘Marunouchi Fan NIGHT’ event hosted by Mitsubishi Estate Co.

    The event was organized based on the concept of listening to the voice of people working in the Marunouchi office area and using them in town planning. Ms. Takagi, who has a wealth of experience as a concierge, spoke about examples of souvenir consultations she has received and gave her own unique recommendations.

    The event proceeded in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and was a wonderful time for all who attended to feel the love for Marunouchi.

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    Cafe opens as team building area at GREE,Inc.! TPO concierge stationed as community manager

    Prior to the opening of the café, the GREE, Inc. office was relocated in March 2022.

    Under the theme of ‘an office for employees’, and with a focus on today’s flexible working styles, the environment and structure have been meticulously designed to make it easier for employees to work and to make them want to come to the office. We, TPO Concierge, are stationed there as community managers.

    In December 2022, a café opened as a team-building space in the GREE office.

    The café is furnished with many artworks and interior decorations carefully selected as part of the company’s “creating an office where employees want to come to work more often”, and where they can enjoy food, drink, music, games and other activities.

    An open kitchen has also been set up so that after-work activities can be easily enjoyed, and members of the company have put their heart and soul into making proposals and preparations so that everyone working at GREE can enjoy team building and meetings in a creative space.

    In recognition of GREE’s FM (facility management) promotion activities, including the café where we at TPO Concierge are involved as community managers, the company was awarded the 17th Incentive Award “Offices for Employees, Pursuing Wellbeing” by the Japan Facility Management Association. The award was presented to the company by the Japan Facility Management Association. Congratulations!

    Announcement of the winners of the 17th Japan Facility Management Awards (JFMA Awards).

    We at TPO Inc. will continue to do our best to help everyone work comfortably.