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    CEO Magnan speaks at PASONA Women’s Forum “Shining Shape of My Future” on March 8, International Women’s Day!

    On March 8, our company’s CEO Magnan spoke at the PASONA Women’s Forum held on International Women’s Day.

    She talked about why she chose to start her own business, her path to starting her own business, the challenges she faced after starting her own business, balancing her private life, her present and future, and more.

    Magnan spoke about her own experiences.



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    Forbes Japan features an interview with Magnan

    In the March issue of “Forbes Japan”, our CEO, Ms. Magnan was interviewed along with Ms. Reimi Yano, a female entrepreneur and a sustainability startup CEO who also shares the common trait of being an inverted health method enthusiast. Please take a look.

    A “sense of temperature” connects a friendship that transcends industries and careers among a small number of female entrepreneurs.(Japanese)


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    Prime Minister Kishida Visited CIC Tokyo and Magnan Introduced Our Business

    On February 10, Prime Minister Kishida visited CIC Tokyo, where our company is located, and Magnan had the opportunity to introduce our services.

    He told us that “this year should be the first year of startup creation,” and we renewed our commitment to further accelerate our business.


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    Representative Magnan exchanged views at the Diversity Promotion Committee Planning Subcommittee organized by Keidanren.

    The Keidanren Times published the content of the Diversity Promotion Committee Planning Subcommittee meeting (chaired by Teiko Kudo) held online on November 18.

    Ms. Takako Hayashi, the Managing Executive Officer in charge of Human Resources at Shinsei Bank, and Ms. Mariko Magnan, our CEO, gave presentations and exchanged opinions on “efforts to break away from Japanese employment practices and reform organizational climate and culture” respectively.

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    An interview with CEO Magnan was featured in “Worker’s Resort”.

    An interview with CEO Magnan was featured in Worker’s Resort, a media publication that considers work styles and office environments from the perspective of work culture around the world.

    She talks about our company’s efforts to “support work performance by solving private issues.

    A New Form of Welfare Benefits. Interview with Mariko Magnan, President of TPO Corporation, Supporting Employees’ Private Life (Japanese)