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    Talk event organized by TPO, x UWC ISAK x Rugby School Japan!

    On 15 April (Sat), an international education talk event organized by TPO Inc. was held at OCA TOKYO.

    The speakers were Ms. Lin Kobayashi, Representative Director of UWC ISAK, Japan’s first international boarding high school, and Mr. Fei Fei Fu, Representative Director of Rugby School Japan, which is scheduled to open in September 2023.

    In an audience with a particular interest in international education, the two speakers introduced various aspects of the new boarding school option, which allows students to receive a top-class global education while living in Japan.

    Click here to read the event report. (Japanese only)

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    Our CEO was interviewed in the member magazine ‘TOUCH DRIVE’!

    TPO’s CEO Mariko Magnan was interviewed in the lifestyle magazine ‘TOUCH DRIVE’ of the KOKUSAI GROUP, which is engaged in various businesses such as Porsche, Jaguar Land Rover, Lexus, McLaren and other brands, taxi hire business, and Bang & Olufsen agency.

    The KOKUSAI GROUP’s service attitude of being thoroughly attentive to their customers was a great learning experience for us, lifestyle concierges. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!


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    TPO’s efforts in the Business Support Project for Innovative Services were introduced!

    TPO has been selected for the “Commercialization Support Project for Innovative Services”, in which the Tokyo Metropolitan Government provides subsidy support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) working on a particularly excellent business model in Tokyo.

    We have been working on the construction of a new system and the project has now been introduced here(Japanese site).

    With the introduction of this new system, we will continue to focus on delivering the same attentive concierge service to you online in a speedier manner!




    The new media “LIMITLESS” begins! -How business people should live “Now”

    In March 2023, TPO launched the new media series ‘LIMITLESS’, which looks at ‘working people and their lives’ and raises the question of how business people can live their lives in their own way. The first issue, Vol. 0, focuses on achieving a work-life balance (working as you live = fusion of public and private life).

    LIMITLESS combines the latest research reports with over 50,000 consultations TPO has received in the past to re-think with you the “conventional wisdom” and “the future”. Please look forward to it!

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    Lecture on ‘Women’s careers and balance’ for female executive candidates in the Mitsubishi Group.

    On Monday 30th January and 27th February, Ms. Mariko Magnan, our CEO spoke as a lecturer at the “Follow-up training for women’s career development promotion workshop” organized by the Mitsubishi Marketing Association which has 31 Mitsubishi Group companies as members.

    This workshop, organized annually, has attracted the interest of many female employees with themes such as rethinking women’s life and work, communication and leadership, and problem-solving.

    Magnan gave a lecture on gender and working styles in the training course last year, and this year she gave a presentation on the theme ‘Creating a society where women can work and play an active role through work-life transformation’, referring to the issues shared by the participants. She spoke about women’s career development, the various challenges associated with it, and her perspectives and approaches to these challenges.