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    Report on participation in Google Asia Women Startups Forum

    Ms. Mariko Magnan, our CEO, participated in the Google for Startups Forum held in South Korea for four days from 14 to 17 November.

    The program, organized by Google, aims to empower women founders across Asia, support their start-ups, and provide networking opportunities for their international expansion. In the 12 weeks since TPO was selected in August this year, Magnan has been actively engaged in a variety of activities while working hard with female founders from South Korea, Hong Kong, India, and other countries.

    Magnan will use the insights and inspiration she gained from participating in the program as a springboard for the growth and development of TPO Inc. on a more global stage.

    Google Asia Women Startup Forum and Women Startups (Japanese/Korean)

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    CEO Magnan’s Interview Featured in METropolitan 24 hours

    Our CEO appeared in the video introducing MET24, city wear produced by New Balance Japan Inc. The concept of the MET24 “Comfortable clothes you can bring lightness to your life” and the concept of Your Concierge service, “Work as you live” led us to come together for this project. Please take a look.

    NB Japan official HP: METropolitan 24 hours/ 04Maniyan Mariko



    TPO Concierge Service “Your Concierge” is now available at member organizations operated by Tokyu Land Holdings!

    TPO Inc.(Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Mariko Magnan; hereinafter “TPO”) has started providing the concierge service “Your Concierge”, for members of the Tokyu Cosmos Members Club, a membership organization for owners operated by Tokyu Corporation.

    TPO’s concierge service provides comprehensive support for the public and private lifestyles of users and their families and partners, so that individuals can work, live, and express their individuality in an enriched way.

    TPO concierges with various specialties will accompany you to the best answer to your personal needs and concerns, such as “I want to try something new,” “I want to support my beloved family,” “I want to lead a healthy life,” etc., together with lifestyle design curators and researchers who are experts in the relevant areas. We propose a lifestyle where you can continue to challenge yourself in clothing, food, life, work, and recreation in a place where you can feel safe (a place where you can feel royalty).

    Your Concierge,” a TPO concierge service, has been introduced at member organizations operated by Tokyu Land Holdings! (Japanese)

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    GoogleforStartups Founders Academy

    We’ve been selected! I will be participating in @GoogleforStartups Founders Academy, a program for women-led startups in APAC. I am excited to embark on this program journey with nine other inspiring women founders!

    #GoogleforStartups #FoundersAcademyAPAC

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    CEO Magnan to speak at webinar hosted by Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 6/22

    Women in Business in Japan

    Nearly 20 years ago, Japan set a goal of increasing the percentage of women in management positions to 30% by 2020. However, the percentage has remained largely unchanged, rising only 0.1 percentage point each year, and still stands at about 8% today. And today, due to the impact of the new coronavirus, female promotion seems to have further stalled in its momentum.

    This webinar featured a panel discussion among three women in top positions in Japan on the realities, experiences, challenges, and lessons to be learned from working in a male-dominated environment.

    Ambassador Roxanne de Vilderling, Belgium’s first female Ambassador to Japan, gave the opening speech.