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    International Women’s Day @ TPO

    March 8 is International Women’s Day. One of TPO’s core values is Inclusion, so we decided to celebrate this special day by encouraging employees to think about women’s empowerment and gender equality. Participants asked themselves how they could create a society in which all people could make use of their originality. In the video, we made commitments to think and act in order to achieve a society where everyone is treated equally.

  • 2019.02.20

    NewsPicks article covering the “Innovators Talk” between Mr. Ken Kusunoki and our CEO Mariko!

    A series of “Innovators Talks” hosted by Professor Ken Kusunoki of Hitotsubashi University invites visionaries of various fields to engage in topical discussion. Our CEO Mariko had three interviews in the theme of balancing private and professional life. In the talk show, Mariko shared her own experiences that inspired the TPO business. She also talked about our services and the goals of the companies where they have been implemented. In the talk show, you can enjoy Mariko and Professor Kusunoki exchanging their opinions.



    First in Japan, “YourConcierge,” a corporate concierge service supporting the fusion of work and personal life in business

    In July 2018, we launched “YourConcierge,” the first corporate concierge service in Japan. With an eye on “personal and professional life fusion,” we aim to improve the Quality of Working Life of employees of each company, and promote reforms to create a happy working environment that brings diversity, creativity, and innovation.

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    TPO was introduced by NewsPicks!

    Our CEO Mariko was interviewed, and the content was released in NewsPicks. In the interview, Mariko emphasised that the Japanes working system has to get away from practices based on Showa-era office work mindsets (such as believing that the man is the “breadwinner” and the woman is the caregiver). Now and in the future, companies and society itself must consider individuals’ happiness, and how each one can utilize their strengths. Mariko also introduced the “personal and professional life fusion” concept and how TPO’s services can support that new working system.


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    TPO featured in ELLE JAPON

    The June issue of ELLE JAPON was all about work – work trends in Japan and abroad, how to live a happy work life, fashion tips for working women, etc. Our concierge service was featured as a service that contributes to a better work life. Please have a look!