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    CEO Magnan spoke at the community programme organised by station x Kokuchosya!  

    On Thursday 23 May, Magnan was a guest speaker at the third of five Community discussion party organised by station x Kokuchosya.

    This is the second time the programme has been held, following last year’s event, and each time the organisers and guests discuss the theme of ‘community’, and the participants can learn about community-related issues and practices while exchanging opinions together.

    Magnan spoke passionately about how to create open and innovative organisations, based on the theme of ‘human capital management’, which is currently the focus of attention in the society.

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    TPO Inc. was featured as a service partner of Nikken Sekkei Construction Management, Inc. in the May issue of Architecture and Society, published by the Architectural Association of Japan!

    In the May issue of Architecture and Society, published by The Architectural Association of Japan, Mr. Koki Sasaki, Head of Strategy & Design Management Domain, Nikken Sekkei Construction Management, Inc., contributed an article entitled ‘Osaka Osekkai Office O3’, introducing TPO Inc as a partner company.

    The article featured a large section on the background to the introduction of the concierge service and the promotion of office vitality through the assignment of community managers. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Nikken Sekkei Construction Management Inc.

    Through various events and daily initiatives, we will continue to suppost Nikken Sekkei Construction Management Inc. realise “An office you will want to go to” and improve the QWL of all employees!

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    TPO initiatives at Nikken Sekkei Construction Management, Inc.’s ‘Osaka Osekkai Office’ were introduced in the 18th JFMA Awards magazine!

    In April 2024, the 18th Japan Facility Management Awards,JFMA Award 2024 was published and Nikken Sekkei Construction Management, Inc.’s O³(Osaka Osekkai Office)’ was featured in the award-winning article, which also introduced TPO’s services.

    TPO Inc. and Nikken Sekkei Construction Management, Inc. have been collaborating since the O³ project started. Thanks to everyone’s support, the project will celebrate its first anniversary in May 2024.

    TPO will continue to actively contribute to the improvement of the intangible aspects for companies involved in facility management. Please read on!

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    “O³ (Osaka Osekkai Office): An office you’ll want to go.” (Nikken Sekkei Construction Management, Inc.) won the Excellent Facility Management Award at the 18th Japan Facility Management Awards (JFMA Awards)! TPO was also commended as a service provider!

    The 18th Japan Facility Management Awards (JFMA Awards) ceremony was held in Tokyo on 21 February (Wed), and TPO Inc. received an award as a service provider for Nikken Sekkei Construction Management,Inc.’s new Osaka office “O³”, which won the Excellent Facility Management Award.

    At the award ceremony, O³’s multi-faceted and comprehensive system and attempts, including the introduction of a community manager and concierge service, were also recognized and expectations were raised for further productivity improvements through the facility.

    As O³’s community manager and concierge, TPO Inc. will continue to support Nikken Sekkei Construction Management, that everyone can spend a pleasant time at the office!

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    ‘Well-being seminar’ for female managers at MS&AD Holdings.

    On Friday 21 July, our CEO Magnan spoke at a seminar for MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc.

    The theme of the seminar, which was aimed at 93 female managers, was “To work better for yourself and your team – think about wellbeing”. At MS&AD Holdings, which promotes diversity and inclusion throughout the Group, Magnan spoke about the concept of ‘public-private fusion’ and specific measures to realize well-being in the workplace.

    The participants had a lively exchange of opinions on how to deal with individual members as managers and link them to team results, and what they can do from tomorrow to create an environment where diverse values and human resources can flourish.