Launching YourConcierge & You! A new membership based service aimed at improving your WFH situation.

    Today we are launching our membership service YourConcierge & You: An online program. You can participate in more than 20 different online events held daily on weekdays for a flat monthly rate of 4,400 yen. We are offering yoga, workouts, stretch and posture classes, cooking seminars, english fun classes for children and a lot more. We aim at supporting your physical and mental health by taking care of you and your family. Find out more and sign up today!



    TPO is launching “Kids Club by YourConcierge” supporting remote workers and their children!

    “Kids Club by YourConcierge” is a new service established after listening to our users input. We aim at relieving parents working at home from the burden of simultaneously taking care of their children now that day cares are still closed. At the Kids Club, qualified teachers will online dance, colour, and play quizzes with the children. TPO aims at improving the Quality of Work Life in Japan. Our Concierge service supports workers in solving their problems and providing opportunities. TPO also actively supports employees at home through our online Wellness and Childcare program!



    TPO supports children study at home by launching our online Home Buddy Service 

    TPO is starting a new service, ‘Home Buddy’, where our concierges are supporting children with study motivation and task management. While schools are closed and parents are working from home, we listened and noticed there is a need to support children in planning their school tasks and motivate them. Our concierge, have coached children in various fields and will be a buddy and coach alongside children’s parents and school teachers. We are launching first for our current users who have elementary school children. 



    TPO Report – The ideal situation and reality of how workers in their 30s spend their day off in the Greater Tokyo area

    At TPO, we aim to improve the quality of working life and to create a happy workplace for all employees. In a time where companies are introducing new work style reform initiatives, we conducted a survey on how workers in their thirties would like to spend their day off and how they are actually spending it. (Report in Japanese only)

    We found that this age group believe that well-being has a good influence on work, and 63.5% of the respondents said that they would like to use the most of the five compulsory paid holidays that has been enforced as of April 2019.

    Other major findings are as below:

    – 63.5% of people answered that they would make the most of the  five compulsory paid holidays and welcomed the initiative.

    -There is a gap in how people would like to spend their vacation depending on the gender and marital status.

    -47.7% of single men in their thirties answered “It will be difficult for me to take advantage of the holidays” and have a  pessimistic perception on how to spend their holiday. Of this group, 26.1% of people answered “I do not know what to do with my vacation”

    -75.5% of married women in their thirties positively welcomed the 5-day holiday and said that they will use it meaningfully. However, the reality shows that they are occupied by housework.

    -Workers in their thirties believe that well-being has a good influence on their work. They believe that it will increase their motivation, improve relationships and enhance positive thinking at work.



    “YourConcierge” launches at Marunouchi Building’s “The Premier Floor Marunouchi”

    From June 3 2019, YourConcierge will be on site at “The Premier Floor Marunouchi,” located on the 34th floor of Marunouchi Building. At the concierge desk, we aim to provide information that enriches employees’ personal lives. This is the first time for TPO to implement YourConcierge in a building with multiple tenants (including foreign capital companies).