TPO, corporate concierge.
Making work life happier for
individual fulfillment and company success.


One small happiness at a time, society can change.

We see a society that values individuals and their happiness as a driving force for invigoration and growth in a constantly changing world. A society in which we make the most of the time we have, valuing both private and professional lives. A society in which we learn, create, meet, discover, play, and enjoy at work and home alike.
This is a society prepared for anything, full of happy people and successful business.

In this society, TPO is a partner and culture shifter for companies who represent the future of business and lifestyle, now. Together, we set a new standard for happiness and success in life and at work. We foster mindsets and practices for human-centered growth, inclusion, creativity, and passion, so that organizations and individuals can grow and evolve.

And all of this can happen, one small happiness at a time.


  • Should a company help its employees take care of personal errands?

    Because miscellaneous errands from home prevent many employees from being happy and focused at work, can lead to exhaustion and demotivation, and even (as is too often the case for women) prevent them from leading the career they desire.

  • Should a company take care of employees’ wellness?

    Because employees’ health directly impacts their performance and motivation, and when unattended to can be costly not only for the individual but also the company. Activities like yoga and meditation not only cater to a healthy mind and body, but will bring happiness and stimulating interaction to employees.

  • Should a company strive to create networks among employees and with outside entities?

    Because being exposed to new knowledge, having open conversations with managers and different team members, and tuning in to what is happening in the world will lead to a more dynamic workplace. In a rapidly changing society, creative ideas deriving from communication are an essential asset to the company.


TPO is a partner for companies that recognize preparing for the future includes creating a workplace where all employees are happy and motivated in their work life. We believe that a workplace where work and life are both well supported will attract diverse and creative talent, and unlock the potential of all employees to bring innovative ideas and outcomes to the company.

  • Time for self care
  • Holistic well-being
  • Seeing opportunity
  • Personal growth
  • Increased focus/concentration
  • Satisfaction and engagement
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Reduced turnover and costs
  • Higher productivity
  • Diversity and inclusiveness
  • Culture for innovation
  • Strong corporate brand


  • Untapped Potential: White Paper by Women in Japan’s Workforce ACCJ in Support of GOJ’s 2020/30 Goal

    In June 2016, The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) launched a White Paper proposing an integrated partnership-based blueprint for action to help the public and private sectors in Japan achieve the Government of Japan’s “2020/30” target of women holding 30 percent of management and leadership positions by 2020.

    It addresses ten areas to enhance labor mobility, provide a solid and seamless support system for women, and assist in the mindset change necessary to ensure that Japan can progress toward its 2020/30 target, and providing employee assistance programs including concierge services is recommended among the ten areas.


  • 2018.04.26

    TPO featured in ELLE JAPON

  • 2018.04.23

    Mariko speaks with President and CEO of Cartier Japan on empowering women in Japan

    Veronica Prat Van Thiel - President and CEO of Cartier Japan - and our CEO, Mariko Magnan shared their 
    experiences with the members of FAJ - the network for french-speaking working women on empowering women in Japan.
  • 2018.04.02

    Office Relocation

    We are pleased to announce that we have relocated our office.
  • 2017.12.09

    Mariko featured on Nikkei Business Associe

    Mariko’s comments were featured in Moogwi Kim’s article on work-style reforms in the January edition of Nikkei Business Associe (publish date: December 19th, 2017).
  • 2017.11.20

    Relaunch of TPO website!

    We have relaunced our website. Along with the launch, we have redefined our mission, vision and values. Our English site will launch late December.
  • 2017.03.01

    Mariko featured in “Koleizoscope”.

    Our CEO, Mariko was featured in “Koleizoscope”, a site run by Mr.Komori of consulting resources company, CORESCO. (Japanese only)