TPO’s strengths are the diverse, passionate and skilled people.

We value a highly personal and unique service.



  • Founder & CEO
    Mariko Magnan

    Mariko founded Japan’s first corporate concierge firm in 2016, after working for companies such as Goldman Sachs. She is devoted to bringing diversity in the workplace, and to helping employees fulfill their personal and professional lives whilst improving happiness at work. Mariko holds a BA from Hitotsubashi University, and an MS from HEC business school in Paris. She also serves as a council member for UWC ISAK Japan.

  • Chief Service Officer
    Taisuke Yokoi

    After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Law from Hosei University, Taisuke worked as a sales manager at an HR service firm. He later joined an Employee Assistance Program service firm, consulting and conducting seminars to support the well-being of employees in both domestic and international companies of various sizes, as well as public offices. He also has experience creating and executing mental health management and communication programs. On his days off, Taisuke enjoys playing and watching basketball.

  • Chief Branding and Culture Officer
    Yumiko Tanaka 

    Yumiko spent her early childhood in the States, and then was educated in Japan, apart from a year spent as an exchange student in Denmark during high school. After graduating from Keio University, she pursued a career at Bang & Olufsen as CRM manager for the Asia Pacific region, assistant to the Country Manager and Marketing and PR Manager for Japan. Her two children keep her busy, but having a passion for design and craftsmanship, she finds happiness in roaming the main and back streets of Tokyo in quest for inspiring shops, products and experiences. 

  • Yukiko Kuriyama

    Inspired by the wonderful time Kuriyama had in Barcelona, she decided to major Hispanic studies at university. After graduation, she became a reporter and she had many exciting experiences such as broadcasting news while doing skydiving or trying to perform on the trapeze, etc. She is also a certified hair colorist, and she enjoys coordinating her family’s outfits. She is head over heels in love with requests that demands more time and energy such as childcare.

  • Naho Sakamoto

    You could call Naho amphibious, but even then she would say amphibians do not spend as much time in the water as she has the past 22 years. She carefully crafted her routine of swim practice from morning until night, every day of the week. She learned what it means to have a dream, and the joy in teaching others. So for whomever may need guidance about their children’s extracurricular athletics, she cannot wait to help!

  • Yuka Kimura

    Yuka spent her adolescence in Beijing, China. Ever since, she has been fascinated by the joy of experiencing different cultures. She used to work for a European airline as a flight attendant, flying back and forth between Europe and Japan. Her favorite destinations, though, are Bali and Bangkok. She loves food, and her nickname is "captain food" because she does so much research on restaurants while traveling. If you are planning a trip abroad, she would love to help you!

  • Midori Sanai

    Midori has worked as a flight attendant for both Japanese and international airlines. Now she still really enjoys traveling as part of her personal life, and she has visited over 60 countries.  She loves meeting people with different values, experiencing unique cultures, tasting local food, and seeing landscapes beyond her imagination. Two of her favorite destinations are Argentina and South Africa. If you need tips on travel, please let her know!

  • Yukiko Shiiki

    Quit her grad-job at a financial security firm which she acquired midst the employment ice age in Japan to pursue her dream to become a cabin crew. Later, became a secretary at an investment bank after marriage. Enjoys breadmaking which she started during her maternity leave of her second child. Through experimenting with natural yeast using raisins, Yukiko started teaching a breadmaking class after her maternity leave. Loves her dog, watching films, playing piano, reading and table tennis.

  • Nana Yasuzawa

    Migrated to Okinawa at the age of 22. Through working at a resort hotel and an airport as a ground staff, Nana relished her life on the island for 2 years by swimming with fish and sea turtles in the Okinawan sea. As a student, Nana volunteered as a member of an NGO group to build houses in India, Philippines and Indonesia. She is a seven time champion in an Awa dance competition, which she started when she was 8 years old, and enjoys other activities including surfing and gymnastics.


TPO’s global research network is the backbone of our YourConcierge proposals.

Our researchers located, domestically in Japan and overseas, work together with our concierges to suggest the best options and solutions. This way we incorporate different perspectives and utilize all the areas of expertise we have to maximize your happiness.


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