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    Cafe opens as team building area at GREE,Inc.! TPO concierge stationed as community manager

    Prior to the opening of the café, the GREE, Inc. office was relocated in March 2022.

    Under the theme of ‘an office for employees’, and with a focus on today’s flexible working styles, the environment and structure have been meticulously designed to make it easier for employees to work and to make them want to come to the office. We, TPO Concierge, are stationed there as community managers.

    In December 2022, a café opened as a team-building space in the GREE office.

    The café is furnished with many artworks and interior decorations carefully selected as part of the company’s “creating an office where employees want to come to work more often”, and where they can enjoy food, drink, music, games and other activities.

    An open kitchen has also been set up so that after-work activities can be easily enjoyed, and members of the company have put their heart and soul into making proposals and preparations so that everyone working at GREE can enjoy team building and meetings in a creative space.

    In recognition of GREE’s FM (facility management) promotion activities, including the café where we at TPO Concierge are involved as community managers, the company was awarded the 17th Incentive Award “Offices for Employees, Pursuing Wellbeing” by the Japan Facility Management Association. The award was presented to the company by the Japan Facility Management Association. Congratulations!

    Announcement of the winners of the 17th Japan Facility Management Awards (JFMA Awards).

    We at TPO Inc. will continue to do our best to help everyone work comfortably.