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    Report on Social Contribution Activities: Specifics of the “DREAM RING” Project and Acceptance of Applications for Participation

    In response to our press release dated July 14, 2021, “LAVENDER RING, Japan Announcers Association, and TPO Corporation launch the three-company collaborative project “DREAM RING”,” we would like to report on the progress of the project. We would like to report on the progress of the project.

    DREAM RING Project” on Sunday, 22nd from 12:10-13:00. and “I want to go there! TPO Inc. supported the realization of the following dreams by making use of our in-house research and planning capabilities. (To register for the DREAM RING and other LAVENDER RING events, please click here:Japan Cancer Forum 2021

    <Dream 1: “I want to ride on an elephant”>

    A dream submitted by a woman living in a wheelchair, a reporter from J-Annals visited “Ichihara Elephant Country” and interacted with Randy, an Asian elephant, and reported live on the experience. In addition, a VR camera will be rigged to the head of an elephant herder to bring the survivor a 360-degree view of the world. (Photography cooperation: Cyan Corporation)

    <Dream 2 of the first group: “I want to feel the lively nature with my friends” >

    “Cancer Support Cafe Stop Tree,” an online stopover where cancer survivors gather. The dream of a mountain lover who enjoys socializing with her friends here is to go on a forest bathing tour with her friends. A reporter from J-Anners, who is also involved in forest management research at a national university, plans to live-stream an “adult excursion” while walking through Todoroki Gorge in summer, which consists of the oldest geological formation in Tokyo. Together with survivors, they will feel the breath of the forest.

    On August 22, the day of the project, viewers will be able to experience the realization of the two dreams together with other participants. We will also relay the round-table discussion with the project management members and survivors, and connect it to a time to think about your own dreams and to a time to discuss your dreams with other cancer survivors around you.

    We look forward to your participation.

    TPO Concierge Supports Cancer Survivor’s Dreams! (Japanese)