TPO Concierge Service “Your Concierge” is now available at member organizations operated by Tokyu Land Holdings!

    TPO Inc.(Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Mariko Magnan; hereinafter “TPO”) has started providing the concierge service “Your Concierge”, for members of the Tokyu Cosmos Members Club, a membership organization for owners operated by Tokyu Corporation.

    TPO’s concierge service provides comprehensive support for the public and private lifestyles of users and their families and partners, so that individuals can work, live, and express their individuality in an enriched way.

    TPO concierges with various specialties will accompany you to the best answer to your personal needs and concerns, such as “I want to try something new,” “I want to support my beloved family,” “I want to lead a healthy life,” etc., together with lifestyle design curators and researchers who are experts in the relevant areas. We propose a lifestyle where you can continue to challenge yourself in clothing, food, life, work, and recreation in a place where you can feel safe (a place where you can feel royalty).

    Your Concierge,” a TPO concierge service, has been introduced at member organizations operated by Tokyu Land Holdings! (Japanese)