• 2019.10.01

    TPO has been selected by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center as an “Innovation Service Commercialization Support Project”!

    TPO was selected as a support project (FY2019) to create a new service business model established in Tokyo. The innovation of TPO’s business model, which combines human services with technology, and its potential for growth were recognized. TPO will receive financial and hands-on support for the coming two years starting from September 1, 2019. The support is aimed at realizing TPO’s potential and accelerating our growth. We are working hard to grow Japan’s first Corporate Concierge Service, supporting the integration of work and private life, and establishing a new social infrastructure.  

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    CEO Mariko Magnan featured in PRESIDENT WOMAN Premier

    Our CEO Mariko Magnan is featured in the autumn issue of PRESIDENT WOMAN Premier; a magazine that supports women who aim at working passionately. In the special feature ‘The 100-Year Life Learning Method’ Mariko talks about the challenges and joys she experienced while living, studying and working in France. Please have a look at the interview.

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    YourConcierge was featured on the website “Mamori-no-Tane”

    Our corporate concierge service, YourConcierge, provided by TPO has been introduced by Mamori-no-Tane. Mamori-no-Tane generally provides information on office environments and security. Our service was introduced to show how our service can create an office environment where employee diversity is used as a strength. Moreover, it showcases that our service contributes to a better work life integration at the office. Please have a look at the article!

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    CEO Mariko featured in Oggi

    Our CEO Mariko Magnan is featured in Oggi, the fashion magazine for working women. In the interview “The Turning Point” she talks about her experiences that have been particularly influential so far, the reason why she started her own business, and her thoughts on the future. Please have a look at the interview.

  • 2019.07.25

    TPO Report – The ideal situation and reality of how workers in their 30s spend their day off in the Greater Tokyo area

    At TPO, we aim to improve the quality of working life and to create a happy workplace for all employees. In a time where companies are introducing new work style reform initiatives, we conducted a survey on how workers in their thirties would like to spend their day off and how they are actually spending it. (Report in Japanese only)

    We found that this age group believe that well-being has a good influence on work, and 63.5% of the respondents said that they would like to use the most of the five compulsory paid holidays that has been enforced as of April 2019.

    Other major findings are as below:

    – 63.5% of people answered that they would make the most of the  five compulsory paid holidays and welcomed the initiative.

    -There is a gap in how people would like to spend their vacation depending on the gender and marital status.

    -47.7% of single men in their thirties answered “It will be difficult for me to take advantage of the holidays” and have a  pessimistic perception on how to spend their holiday. Of this group, 26.1% of people answered “I do not know what to do with my vacation”

    -75.5% of married women in their thirties positively welcomed the 5-day holiday and said that they will use it meaningfully. However, the reality shows that they are occupied by housework.

    -Workers in their thirties believe that well-being has a good influence on their work. They believe that it will increase their motivation, improve relationships and enhance positive thinking at work.